Places To Visit

   Dev Bhoomi Himachal is known for its beauty and its followers. Among most beautiful places Hills Queen Shimla attracts billions of nature loving people from very anciant time and today, numberless people come here to enjoy the beauty of Shimla, And we are pleased to introduce you some beautiful places to visit here:

Jakhoo Hill : 

This is Shimla town’s highest peak and the highest point for Shimla’s famous views. The hilltop is at 2400 m. and is crowned with a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The place is ideal for a walk.

State Museum : 

It was opened in 1974 and has a rich collection of ancient historical sculptures and paintings of Himachal Pradesh. Please check as it is closed on Mondays and public holidays.

Viceregal Lodge : 

The Lodge was built during the viceroyalty of Lord Dufferin in 1884 to 1888. The lodge boasts of a staff once of 1800, and is a splendid example of Victorian architecture. It has spacious gardens spread for a picnic. The building now houses the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies and is a five-storied building. It now provides a computerized library, and a collection of priceless boos accessible only by fellow researchers. A guided tour is also available.

Kufri : 

At an altitude of 2500 m, Kufri used to be the winter sports capital, and does provide an excellent facility for skiing in the winters. Kufri is famous for yak rides, a horse trip up the mountain trail to the temple and also makes an interesting picnic spot. A helipad nearby in Charrabra, commands a glorious sunset.

Chail : 

Chail, the former capital of the Maharajah of Patiala, it is situated at a distance of 47 kms. from Shimla. It is well known for its cricket pitch, and is regarded as the highest in the world. One is easily able to find a pleasant tourist spot and an ideal place for picnics.

Naldehra : 

is India’s oldest Nine-hole golf course and is a thirty minute drive from Shimla. It was laid out by Lord Curzon, a British Viceroy. The temple of Mahunag is a kilometer away from the golf course and Naldehra also provides tourists with ample photo opportunities and a bit of horse riding. One can rent out golf clubs and have a go at the greens.

Sankat Mochan : 

The Hanuman temple of Sankat Mochan is only 4 km. away. The temple provides a picturesque view of the Shimla town and an engaging sunset.

Shali Mata Temple : 

Shali Mata Temple  is situated on mountain peak ( aka Shali Tiba or Tibba ( Tiba means peak ) or Shali Peak ) approximately at an altitude of 3000 – 3200 mtrs. It is a very famous ancient temple of Goddess Bhima Kali. The place provides a 360 degree panoramic view.One can easily see snow capped mountain ranges and nearby  places such as  Shimla, the planes of Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana etc on a clear day from the temple.